Saturday, November 22, 2008

The beaches of Sanya!

Our final and last vacation we went to Sanya China. Our first night arriving was rough. We tried to save money and sleep in the airport...bad idea. At 3 AM we got kicked out and missed the last bus into town by a minute. We sat our bags in a circle on a piece of grass for as long as we could take it before we decided we would walk. What we didnt know is how far away we were from anything. At 4 we finally by chance saw a taxi driving down the road and in .2 seconds 8 girls piled into one cab. Long story short...after a really really long night of living homeless we pulled into Sanya! From the looks of it you would have thought we snuck away to Hawaii. It was beautiful white sandy beaches, fresh mangos with each meal, and we even got a to stay in a "fine" hostel, cockroaches included in the package. They even threw in flying, giant roaches just to make it special. For two of the days we pretended to live the high life and snuck into the marriot resort on another part of the island. Kelcy and I lived the beach bum life while the others layed out by the giant hotel pool. We prefered the sound of the ocean and the sand stuck to our toes, while we perfected our tan that has now peeled off in random spots, making us look like lepers. It was one of the most relaxing trips we have been on though, no sleeper buses off roading in the middle of the night, no holiday crowds to push through, just the beach fresh fruit smoothies! We even managed to parasail, and get massages in our room before going to bed. We found some guy on the street that wanted to give a massage and invited him in for some nightly roman noodles. He was a good pang yuo (friend). He even gave kelc chinese burn cream that smelled like tree bark. It was the perfect trip to end with. We had a lot of giggles and are now ready to just get back home to america for christmas! We only have 3 weeks left of this adventure. What an experience this has been. We have learned so much about ourselves and life. We have made memories and friendships that will last a life time. Its hard to think that soon this will all just be a memory. There have been so many great times well as hard but nothing that has made this whole thing not worth it. Thanks everyone for supporting us though this and all your love. We miss you and love you!


Julie Young said...

I can't believe you will be home in three weeks! That is so soon. Yay!

Tanya said...

How fun. That place looks beautiful! We can't wait to see you. Have fun your last three weeks but then HURRY home! :)